Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twin Theory

Okay, so everybody and their mother is talking about the twin theory. If you're not familiar with it, here you go:

Alison Dilaurentis had an identical twin named Courtney. In the beginning, Alison and Courtney had started off as best friends, doing everything together and sharing a "twin connection," Though as time progressed, Alison was always jealous of her more popular sister and forced Courtney to impersonate her, at the same time tormenting Courtney to the point that the girls would begin to fight, leading to screaming matches in the playgrounds and Courtney locking Ali in the bathroom stall during school. Courtney would always pretend to be her sister because she was forced to, from introducing herself to the UPS man as Ali, to showing up to Ali's Saturday art classes. The final straw was when the DiLaurentises found Courtney trying to choke her sister because Courtney suffered enough, and doctors were called and examinations were performed. Ali had passed the tests with flying colors, but Courtney had panicked and the doctors had diagnosed her with paranoid schizophrenia. Courtney rejected the diagnostic and claimed that Alison threatened her and forced to impersonate, but no one believed her. The DiLaurentises then moved to Rosewood and they sent Courtney to the mental hospital. While she was visiting home, Courtney saw 4 girls playing outside (Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna) and went out and introduced herself has Alison. These were not Ali's real popular friends. Her parents thought that the real Ali was Courtney and sent her away to the mental hospital. Courtney befriended the girls, and they knew her as Alison. The twin theory is that the real Alison came back and killed Courtney for ruining her life. Alison created and is now the leader of the A team. 
Don't get confused: Courtney is usually referred to as Alison because no one knows she is actually Courtney.

Now that you know the twin theory, here is some "evidence" from the show.

The Prequel Episode: In the prequel episode, when Alison is in her room, you can see some pictures and a plaque in the background. There is a photo of Jason, and two pictures of Alison. Now unless Alison is really that conceited and has two pictures of herself, she really wouldn't have two photos of herself. Now for the plaque. The plaque reads, "C’est le double du rire et de doubler le sourire et double la peine si vous êtes bénis avec des jumeaux.” In English, it translated to “It’s double the giggles and double the grins and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.” the plaque speaks for itself.

Alison visiting the girls: Many people think that when the girls have "dreams" about Ali visiting them, it's really Alison (not Courtney who died.) They say that the dreams seem too real to be dreams. When Ali visited Hanna in the hospital, she flinched when she heard a noise, hoping not to get caught there.

Big A: As you can see, "Big A" is wearing Vivian Darkbloom's red coat and has curly blonde hair. If you look closely, Big A's face looks very similar to Ali's. Some people do think that Big A was wearing the mask Mona made, and the wig that A was looking at in "Pretty Dirty Secrets."

The Ghost: In the Dark Ride episode, Ashley sees a little girl in her home. She is wearing white, and is the same actress who played one of the twins in the prequel episode. She appears and reappears often. While in Hanna's room, Ashley touches her hand and quickly draws back when she feels how cold she is. Ashley goes to get Ted and the girl never reappears. Ashley believes that she saw a ghost.

And lastly...

Marlene king tweeted this photo. Blonde twins in red coats. In the prequel episode, Ali tells the doll story in the beginning of the episode. I this photo evidence of twins?

As you can see, there is a lot of evidence supporting the twin theory. Unfortunately, I don't want the writers to take this route. It would be way too obvious because everyone sees it coming. I want them to do something different and surprising (like finding out Toby is on the A Team!)

Tell me your PLL theories in the comments!


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  5. I have a question. If Courtney's the one that befriended the girls and died. How did Alison (the real Alison that was in a mental hospital) find out all their secrets. And where did the name, "Courtney" come from?